"Blame it on the Welsh", my last night in Prague. Prague, Czech Republic

"Blame it on the Welsh", my last night in Prague. Prague, Czech Republic

Ahhhhh...Prague. Last night in Prague, Harleys

I met Mark and Stephen at an English pub I found while wandering around Prague's Old Town Square. The pub is called the George and the Dragon. I was sitting alone at a table having a Czech beer and one of the employees of the bar was giving me the 411 on the expat community in the area. She introduced me to these two characters, as they were regulars in Prague. She said "they're really good guys, and very funny". About 20 seconds into the conversation, I knew I'd met a couple of real characters, and really good guys.

COS: Where are you guys from?

Wales. We're from Cardiff and Pontypridd. Isn't Prague amazing?

COS: Ya, I think I'm in love.

COS: So, you come here regularly, from Wales?

We try to. We're good friends and this is our favorite place to visit. We work for a few months, then come here for holiday.

COS: So you work your jobs, save up some cash, and come here? That's pretty cool. How long have you been visiting here?

A few years. We love this city. It's just amazing.

COS: Do you think it's important to like your job?

Mark: I do. I like what I do now. If I get bored, I find another job. Life is too short to be unhappy. It's important to enjoy time with friends and to travel.

Stephen: Ya, I like my work too. It's steady work and I work with some good guys.

COS: And, it allows you guys to roll to Prague a couple times a year. That's a good gig man.

COS: I've been walking around for 10 hours, I'm calling it a night. Tomorrow is my last night in Prague. Here's my contact info. If you guys ever come to the US, let me know and I'll shoot you some suggestions and help out any way I can.

Mark and Stephen: We have a concert to go to tomorrow night, but we'll be here before. You should come by for a beer for your last night in Prague. Ya, lets meet up here!

COS: Cool. I'll see you guys then. Have a great night.


These guys reminded me how important it is to spend time with good friends, to travel, and enjoy life to the fullest.

My last night in Prague was planned well. I was going to walk around and make a few more photos of the river and old town area at sunset. Had to make it an early night. My flight to London and on to Phoenix left at 7 AM the following morning. I figured I'd meet the Welsh guys at the pub for a drink. They were the good guys, hard working blue collar guys that really like to live life. They're my kind of peeps. I was kinda bummed I had to leave Prague. I made it to the Pub in time to have a beer before the concert they were going to. The guys took of for the show, and, I was supposed to go back to my hotel. It was about 7 PM. This is where the critical decision occurred. The decision I made to have...1 more beer. What followed, was nothing short of an epic adventure that I'm sure there is NO way I can reproduce with my sophomoric writing skills.

The staff at the pub...I'll tell you about that in the George and Dragon post. It's definitely a Caravansary I'd recommend visiting. Anyway, it was a bit slow and one of the girls clocked out early and sat for a drink. I was still there! So much for 1 drink...I'm not sure if it was the Czech beer or all the great conversation. Either way...I was finishing my "last" sip when the Welsh guys made it back to the pub. Oh shit, I just sat here for 4 hours! In my mind, I thought...I have to go get a couple hours sleep before the flight... Well, that wasn't going to happen. We left as a group from the pub and ended up at a bar not too far away. Harley's was the name....Drinks, dancing, locals, drinks, drinks...well, you get the idea. It was one of the more intense nights out I'd had on this trip. There may have been a couple girls, a few sips ofAbsinthe, oh, I don't know...a few interesting, random, likely "pushing the envelope" environments...but...hell, it's my last night in Prague, and these guys get it...the whole "living life" thing.

I'm not sure I've ever laughed as much as I did that night. The stories, incessant hilarity between my Welsh friends, and the way they entertained the entire room...it was nothing less than an amazing night out.

The time: 4:00 AM. Oh god, what a night. I ask the front desk agent at the hotel for a wakeup call and a taxi to the airport...at 5:30. I leave a tip. She smiles and says, in a heavy accent, "ahh, last night in Prague". Yes mam. It was. But, it won't be my last visit to this amazing place.

I somehow make the flight and arrive at London's Heathrow Airport. I send a message to one of the girls from the pub and let her know I made it to London, but almost ended up missing my flight and being stuck in Prague. I thanked her for all the great advice and recommendations.

Her reply: "It was really great to meet you. Let's all keep in touch. And, as far as the last night in Prague...Blame it on the Welsh". And, I did. Thanks guys, what a great send off. My hangover is finally gone.






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