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"A few years ago I walked with a cane. I just ran my first 100 mile Ultra Marathon." Portland, Oregon USA

“I used to be 85 pounds heavier. I hated living in Portland because it rained, it was boring, and I wanted to get out of here. My wife wouldn’t let me. I’m glad she didn’t. Once I discovered running, my perspectives changed. You couldn’t pry me out of Oregon now. When I go out on those trails to train and race, I realize most of the people down in the city will never see these views. You can’t drive to them. I mean, you have to hike or run to them! You end up in these places where there is no communication. You’re literally miles away from anything related to civilization.”

"Blame it on the Welsh", my last night in Prague. Prague, Czech Republic

Ahhhhh...Prague. The last night in Prague.

I met Mark and Stephen at an English pub I found while wandering around Prague's Old Town Square. The pub is called the George and the Dragon. I was sitting alone at a table having a Czech beer and one of the employees of the bar was giving me the 411 on the expat community in the area. She introduced me to these two characters, as they were regulars in Prague. She said "they're really good guys, and very funny". About 20 seconds into the conversation, I knew I'd met a couple of real characters, and really good guys.